What To Expect

Here are some things you might like to know:

  1. Where do I park?
  2. If you park in the South parking lot, you will climb the grand staircase into the main lobby of the sanctuary, which is perfect if you're only attending the main service.
  3. If you park in the East parking lot, you have two options of entrances. One is the door into the education wing (for Nursery, Kids', Middle School and High School classrooms, with access to the downstairs fellowship hall where the Adult Bible Class meets, and access to the upstairs sanctuary). The second is a ramp entrance for the handicapped, that goes up to the sanctuary. There is handicap parking at the base of the ramp.
  4. Or there is street parking on the West (on 2nd Ave), or on the North (Hickory Ave), in which case you could use the North office door, and access both the fellowship hall and the sanctuary from that lobby.
  5. "Sunday School" - Bible Study Classes  We want to invite you to feel free to attend Bible Study even before you attend your first Main Service. It's a great way to get to know some of the great people who attend FBC. We have one Adult class that meets downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. (see below regarding babies, children, and teens)
  6. How long is the service? Our services usually run from 10:30 am till 11:50 am. Some Sundays we have a fellowship meal at Noon, and you are invited to stay even if it's your first Sunday! You can also expect some friendly folks to invite you out to lunch - even on your first Sunday!
  7. Do you have a Nursery for my baby and toddler? Yes, we do. And it is staffed by responsible people who have been background-checked. The Nursery is located in the education wing. You will be asked to fill-out a form for your child, their diaper bag and bottle/cups will be tagged, and you will be given a tag that you will have to show in order to pick them up from the Nursery. No one else will be able to pick them up.
  8. Where do I take my Children?
  9. If you come to the "Sunday School" Bible Study Class hour first, you will want to drop off your children at their Preschool, Elementary, Middle School and High School class in the education wing. There will be friendly people there to assist you, and point you to the right location for each age group. When the Sunday School hour is over your preschool child will just stay in their class, but your elementary children will be escorted to the sanctuary to sit with you. Some Sundays they will leave the sanctuary during the sermon time to go to Jr Church, but sometimes they will remain with you for the whole service.
  10. If you come to the Main Service only, you may want to drop off your baby or preschool child at their class in the education wing. There will be friendly people there to assist you, and point you to the right direction for their class. Your elementary school children will go to the sanctuary with you. Some Sundays they will stay with you for the first half of the service and then leave during the sermon time, but some Sundays they will stay with you for the whole service.
  11. What’s the service like? 
  12. Our services are informal, and sometimes interactive.
  13. We use guitars, drums and keyboard, and do a variety of music: contemporary, southern gospel, hymns, praise, etc. We encourage singing from the congregation, so the music is not too loud. If we sing songs that are new to you, we want to encourage you to concentrate on the lyrics and lift them up to THE LORD in worship. And we guarantee that if the music isn't your favorite the first time you come, just be patient... we are sure to hit the mark on some other day!
  14. We partake of Communion on the first Sunday of the month. All followers of Christ are invited to partake.
  15. The first Sunday of each month we take up a collection for our Benevolence Ministry, to help those in need.
  16. We collect an offering every Sunday to help meet our budget. Please don't feel obligated to give.
  17. We also have various missions and ministry projects that we support, so you may hear about them in the service.
  18. Our Pastors preach from the Bible, so you may want to bring yours. But there are also Bibles in the pew pockets for you to use. The NIV (New International Version) is usually used in our classes and services, but feel free to use whatever version you prefer.
  19. How do people normally dress? Our people dress in a variety of ways: some casual, some business, and some dressy. So please don't worry about what to wear.
  20. Can you tell me about the Wednesday Night Meal? The Wednesday meal is prepared by different Members of FBC, with few exceptions being potluck nights or bring your own meal nights. A donation is requested on most nights, to help cover the cost of food.
  21. Are the Wednesday Night Bible Classes just a repeat of what is taught in Sunday School? No, they are not a repeat. The teachers are different, and so are the lessons.